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Really excited to use this app

It's a great app for beginners


great application!


The app audio is not working, and Apple explained that as of today the app needs an update to work properly. This app is essentially useless to me.


Is it like the real thing as Romanians do speak ? Overall, es bueno!

I really like it

It's has a lot of great tools. To study, learn, spell, quiz, etc. plus different categories like food, numbers, greetings, etc. The only thing I don't like are some of the imagines are a bit confusing in my opinion but it's a not big deal...still giving 5 stars.

i love this app

is it bad i just got this app because of sebastian stan

Great program!

It is a very helpful program that makes it easier to learn the pronunciation. Would love to see a sentence builder and translator to help with sentence structure but a great starting program.




Very helpful!

simple and excellent

Useful, simple application with a logical approach to learning basic phrases

Da bene.

It's very good.

pretty cool

pretty cool and helpful.

Just beginning

The only reason I'm giving this app four stars is because I just downloaded it and have only worked with it for a few hours. The app is engaging and fun, can't wait to continue learning the basics.

Great App!

This is a great app with a lot of simple free tools to understand basic vocabulary.

Great App!

Great learning tool, tons of useful vocab 👍

So helpful

Learning Romanian is difficult. This app definitely is helpful!

WooHoo! : )

Great App! Works well for all styles of learners...visual, auditory, and through experiencing. There are many categories! Range from Animals, Colors, Clothes, Places, Entertainment, and many more. Keeps it entertaining with variety!

Amazing legit

Pretty good I know got around with just this one app


A lot of very popular language apps don't have Romanian so this app is really really helpful I wish you would have The alphabet but other than that it's really good

v good I love it

I love the quizzes and the flash cards!! and the voice makes it so much easier than the google voice one its so much more clear! it has helped me learn so much so fast!!


Thank you, great tool!!

Nice language app

I find this app very helpful. Usually language apps are random files of information, but this is very organized and useful for learning Romanian. Really the only good one I've seen for Romanian. Thank you for creating this app. :)

Great way to learn! Includes speech!

I've fallen in love with the Romanian language and this app helps me learn the basics. Really enjoy it.


Really helpful to studying romanian. Thanks!



Easy and helpful!

Loving the ease of the app! I'm already learning basic Romanian!


The voices I can actually make them out. If it's a computer generated voice it sounds human to me so the pronunciation is wonky and unnatural. Awesome all around!!! I'm not sure why but the pop up that asks for me to review keeps popping up even though I've given a review.


Great app. Lots if useful phrases for beginners.

Awesome for basic Romanian

It is very easy to use and starts you off with good small basic words and you work yourself up. I love that it pronounces the word and gives you a chance to record yourself pronouncing it as well & obviously that helps you fix your horrible accent. I definitely recommend to others.

Used for ten second

Used the app for ten second and asked to rate twice; support annoying. I'll write a good review once I use the app and see how it is.

Awesome for learning

With a wide variety of games, it makes learning fun and easy

very good app :)

easy and funny

This app is the best for vocab

Very good for drilling vocab and learning spelling and meaning and pronunciation.It's great!!

Very Helpful!

I was thoroughly impressed with this app. Learning even a little bit of another language can be difficult no matter the material given but I found this app to be a huge help with pronunciation and spelling. Definitely worth a download.

Very good

Very good I used it.


Great way to learn and expand my knowledge of the Romanian language.


I would highly recommend this app to beginners learning vocabulary and basic terminology. Thank you

Simple and interactive

Love the simplicity of this app. In a few minutes I was able to pronounce and recognize new words. Really enjoy the interactive features!

Wonderful program

I have learned a lot and I feel very comfortable having a basic conversation due to Si-Lang Romanian.

Works well

Great app for learning some basic Romanian words and pronunciations.

Aren C

Love the simplicity of learning what and when I can. Categories make practicing the exact vocabulary you need to access or retrieve more precise.

Love it

ITS very good. Im glas i Bought the app




Love it!!!

Very helpful and fun

I just downloaded this program and it is just what I was looking for . Going to visit Romania and I need to know some survives language for my trip. This is a fun and easy way to learn! Great program!!!

Awesome learning tool

I love the wide variety of useful categories the vocabulary words are sectioned into, and how many each section has! The games also help with the learning of the words and makes it fun and relatively easy. The app keeps crashing though, which is a little hindersome, and there are some misspellings for the English translation (and the Romanian audio doesn't always match the Romanian text), but other than that it's awesome! I'd love to see a section with verbs and their conjugations sometime. :)

Pretty good :)

This app is really awesome for learning Romanian. My only real complaint is that the same images are used for different words (which itself is fine) but some of the activities ask you what the word is based on image and if you use the "wrong" one it marks you wrong, even though there's no way for you to decipher. Other than that it's a great study list :)


Great app


Easy to follow, fun to learn

Great app!

Love hearing the words so you really know how to pronounce them. Definitely worth downloading.

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